Arc fault breakers are mandated by the National Electrical Code and are great at preventing many kinds of electrical hazards, but they can not protect against this one, most common type of fault, the loose wire that heats up so much it turns red hot.

Install Thermally protected outlets at points of heavy power use [space heaters, electric blanket,etc...] and kids rooms.

I have an issue with a transformer, can u pls help? Thx! 
I have a transformer that blew (and started to smoke)….
i believe it is damaged beyond repair (due to the fact that it started melting)
 when are you available for an appointment? 

Report  today February 13 came from 645 till 8 

  • troubleshooting the lighting 
  • installed a three hundred watt transformer 
  • changed out a switch to a lighted toggle switch 
  • quick survey of some lighting recommendations for the big room
design recommendations: new proposals need to be modeled

immediate action

  • bring in samples and create temp power to model various scenarios
  1. up and [mostly]down lighting from the wooden beam
  2.  wall washers going up off of the perimeter rim by the concrete wall at the stair
  3.  changing the ceiling fan into a hanging light 
    1. or a fan that has bright lights built in