I have an issue with a transformer, can u pls help? Thx! 
I have a transformer that blew (and started to smoke)….
i believe it is damaged beyond repair (due to the fact that it started melting)
 when are you available for an appointment? 

Report  today February 13 came from 645 till 8 

  • troubleshooting the lighting 
  • installed a three hundred watt transformer 
  • changed out a switch to a lighted toggle switch 
  • quick survey of some lighting recommendations for the big room
design recommendations: new proposals need to be modeled

immediate action

  • bring in samples and create temp power to model various scenarios
  1. up and [mostly]down lighting from the wooden beam
  2.  wall washers going up off of the perimeter rim by the concrete wall at the stair
  3.  changing the ceiling fan into a hanging light 
    1. or a fan that has bright lights built in

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